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webcast Flight | Fight | Freeze

A three-part webcast about the power of contemporary classical music is launched in SEASON 2020/2021. In this webcast we will especially look at how classical composers from the last seventy years (for instance Louis Andriessen, Claude Vivier, Isang Yun, Giacinto Scelsi, and John Cage) have dealt with their personal crises, and how this affected their music.

A brief yet titillating introduction to the music of GIACINTO SCELSI.

Episode 1: Flight
Both Claude Vivier and Giacinto Scelsi found themselves in difficult places in their lives. Both of them looked for inspiration in the Far East, and both of them found a way to use their music as a means of dealing with their crises. As a result, the music they wrote is highly personal and exceptionally powerful. During the the 2020 pandemic, Nicholas Moroz, a young composer from the UK, used the crisis to compose an exciting new piece for Lonelinoise, a duet for english horn and trombone.

Episode 2: Fight
Music to empower the people! When some composers went inside to search the answer to crises, others could not remain silent. They spoke out, demanded answers and change in the world around them. Music by: Louis Andriessen, Isang Yun, Trevor Grahl (world premiere) And music examples from Hans Werner Henze, John Adams, De Notenkrakers.

Episode 3; Freeze
Music seemingly has the power to freeze time. In this episode we will look at composers who stopped to look at the world directly around them. 
Music by: John Cage, Jonathan Packham (world premiere) and music examples from Juliana Hodkinson, Koen Kaptein (world premiere)

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