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Lonelinoise - A lonely sound in the classical music scene. We introduce you to the world of Contemporary music: and i will tell you: is not only noise, and we will prove you why. 

Contemporary music may seem inaccessible, academic, or even ugly, at first, but so many powerful emotions, messages, atmospheres, affects, and ideas are hidden behind its rough façade. Just like other genres of music - and just like life itself - it can be beautiful, sweet, and comforting, as well as confronting, rough and nasty. 

Why do we do this? we absolutely love playing beethoven, Brahms and bach. But we also believe it is vital to stick our necks out and to keep exploring the unknown, and drop a musical bomb every now and then :)

Lonelinoise music labs is founded in 2020 by Sebastiaan Kemner and Vincent van Wijk, and aims to find different ways of communicating the wild and wondrous sounds of modern music to its audiences. 

Join us in the discovery of new pieces: The world of new discoveries lies ahead!

Watch, listen, enjoy, share, like and feel the power of the music.

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